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Berberis x media 'Red Jewel' - Barberry

Berberis x media 'Red Jewel' - Barberry
Berberis x media 'Red Jewel' - Barberry
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Price: 16,00 zł
Net price: 14,81 zł

'Red Jewel' is a dense, deciduous shrub grows to 1,5 m tall and as wide. Valued for its spectacular foliage: reddish-purple, shiny. Thorns are shiny red. Yellow flowers appear in V-VI, followed by small, black berries. Grows in any well-drained soil in full sun to light shade. The variety is resistant to frost and periodic drought. Very adaptable shrub that is tolerant of many pollutants in urban areas. Ideal for banks, slopes, flower beds and borders. Makes a great low hedges.



potC2 (2 l)
height25-30 cm
weight2,00 kg

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