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Chaenomeles superba 'Pink Trail' Interpitra - Japanese Quince

Chaenomeles superba 'Pink Trail' Interpitra - Japanese Quince
Chaenomeles superba 'Pink Trail' Interpitra - Japanese Quince
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A small to medium-sized, deciduous shrub of vigorous, spreading habit. It grows to a height of 1.5 m and similar width, giving it a rounded appearance.  The leaves are medium green, ovate, shiny. Clusters of pink, large flowers are borne on spiny branches. Blooms in April and May. The fruit is large, yellow, pear-shaped, nice smelling, edible. Quinces are sometimes used to make preserves and jellies. Prefers a sunny position or partial shade. Adapts to a wide range of soil conditions, but prefers well-drained loams. It is suitable for low hedges, beds and borders.




potC3 (3 l)
height30-40 cm
weight3,00 kg

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