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Clematis Mazury

Late Large-flowered Group
Clematis Mazury
Clematis Mazury
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Price: 21,20 zł
Net price: 19,63 zł

A new Polish cultivar from 2006. Large (15-17 cm in diameter), double flowers on new growth – blue with lighter spots. The outer circle of the tepals is mottled with green. Flowers have a nice, regular structure on opening and seem to be made of crêpe paper. When fully open they reveal creamy stamens. Flowers appear from the end of June to September. It grows up to 2-3 m using twining leaf petioles to attach itself to the supports. Best grown in a sunny position. Particularly useful for growing up trellises, stakes and other supports. It can also be left to climb up natural supports.




potC2 (2 l)
height70-90 cm
weight2,00 kg

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