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Clematis Piotr Skarga

Early Large-flowered Group
Clematis Piotr Skarga
Clematis Piotr Skarga
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przedsprzedaż (wysyłka III/IV)
Price: 19,20 zł
Net price: 17,78 zł
A Polish cultivar growing up to 1.5-2 m. Flowers, up to 14-17 cm across, usually consist of 6 pointed, wavy-edged tepals that are violet-blue on the upper side and pale violet underneath. Pale yellow anthers and filaments. Flowers are borne in June-July and again in September. The plant uses leaf petioles to climb. Useful for growing up fences, arbours, trellises, stakes and other garden supports. It can also climb up natural supports such as deciduous and coniferous trees or conifers that don’t require hard pruning. Particularly striking when grown against a fair background or next to the yellow-flowered or yellow-leafed plants. Suitable for container culture.




potC2 (2 l)
height70-90 cm
weight2,00 kg

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E-CLEMATIS uniwersalne koreczki nawozowe

Uniwersalny nawóz do wszystkich roślin ogrodowych, doniczkowych (domowych), balkonowych. Jednokrotna aplikacja i długotrwałe działanie - składniki pokarmowe uwalniają się stopniowo przez 5-6 m-cy, nie powodując zasolenia podłoża. Precyzyjna dawka nawozu, bez obaw przenawożenia roślin. Bardzo łatwo...

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Clematis Moonlight - 'Yellow Queen'

Large cream flowers, tinged with greenish-yellow, borne during May-July. Pale yellow anthers. It doesn’t like extremely hot, sunny areas, plant in a partly shaded position for the best flower color. A delicate, moderately fast growing variety, excellent for trellises, poles and other garden supports. It can clamber over natural supports e.g. deciduous and coniferous bushes and dwarf shrubs.

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Clematis Andromeda

A moderately fast growing cultivar with bicolor flowers: creamy pink with a vivid pink stripe at the center of the sepals. Yellow stamens. Semi-double flowers are borne from the end of May to the end of June. In September it repeats flowering, abounding with large but single flowers. It doesn't like extremely hot, sunny areas. 
Particularly suitable for trellises, stakes and other garden supports. It can clamber over natural supports e.g. small trees or large, deciduous or coniferous shrubs.

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Clematis Pamela Jackman

One of the earliest and most profusely flowering varieties – during April-June, with occasional flowers in summer. Charming, large, rich blue flowers with outer staminodes tinged blue and inner staminodes white are followed during summer and autumn by decorative silky seed heads. A very hardy plant with low requirements. Ideal for growing over fences, walls, or scrambling over rocks and old stumps. Particularly useful for planting near small trees and coniferous or deciduous shrubs. It may be used as ground cover.

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Clematis Daniel Deronda

A charming cultivar with very large, semi-double, violet-blue, paler towards the center, flowers, borne from May to June. Creamy-yellow anthers. During summer, it repeats flowering, abounding with large but single flowers. It looks particularly lovely when planted in a sunny spot against a bright background.

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Clematis Mrs Cholmondeley

A vigorous cultivar with a long flowering period. Large, pale blue flowers with mauve veining, long pointed sepals and coffee-brown anthers. If stems are pruned back lightly in spring (pruning 2) it flowers almost incessantly from May to August. It may also be hard-pruned (pruning 3), but the first crop of flowers will thus be lost - it will start blossoming in July and continue till September. Particularly useful for cultivation on exposed positions, especially against a dark background or plants with yellow flowers or foliage.


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Campsis radicans 'Ursynów' - Trumpet Creeper

A polish variety selected in the district of Warsaw of the same name. A robust climber with attractive trumpet-shaped, brilliant orange flowers in July-September. Starts blooming in its second to third year after planting. It normally climbs by aerial roots, but needs a little support until established. Flowers best in full sun, in sheltered and warm locations; may freeze during severe winters. Excellent when trained over an arbour or a pergola and is particularly useful for covering walls and strong supports.

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