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Clematis Rahvarinne

Late Large-flowered Group
Clematis Rahvarinne
Clematis Rahvarinne
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przedsprzedaż (wysyłka III/IV)
Price: 19,20 zł
Net price: 17,78 zł
An Estonian cultivar with red-purple flowers, about 13 cm across, composed of 6 oval, nicely textured tepals with a darker bar and cream-brown anthers on light cream filaments. Flowers appear on new wood from June to October. It grows up to 1,5-1,8 m tall and attaches itself to supports by means of twining leaf petioles. Useful for growing on trellises, poles and other garden supports, as well as among shrubs. Suitable for container growing.




potC2 (2 l)
height70-90 cm
weight2,00 kg

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E-CLEMATIS uniwersalne koreczki nawozowe

Uniwersalny nawóz do wszystkich roślin ogrodowych, doniczkowych (domowych), balkonowych. Jednokrotna aplikacja i długotrwałe działanie - składniki pokarmowe uwalniają się stopniowo przez 5-6 m-cy, nie powodując zasolenia podłoża. Precyzyjna dawka nawozu, bez obaw przenawożenia roślin. Bardzo łatwo...

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Clematis Pamiat Serdtsa

A charming climber with bell-shaped, nodding, violet-lilac flowers from June to September. A beautiful perennial clematis with raised, non-clinging stems (as in climbing rose). When no support is provided, it scrambles over the ground. Looks lovely when intermingled with other plants. A hardy cultivar, particularly useful as ground cover, perfect for growing on terraces.

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Clematis Pointy

An intriguing Swedish cultivar with slightly nodding, bell-shaped flowers. 4 elongated, pointed, creamy tepals are 5-6 cm long and covered with numerous brown-violet dots. The margins of the tepals are bent upwards and show an interior tuft of 1.5-2 cm long, pale yellow staminodes. The flowers appear in April-May and then turn into fluffy seed heads that stay decorative from June till autumn. It attaches itself to supports by means of leaf petioles. Very frost hardy and undemanding. It tolerates semi shade. Useful for growing up fences, over rocks, tree stumps, and deciduous or coniferous trees. It looks particularly good against a dark background or when combined with blue-flowered.

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Clematis Purple Dream PBR

A Polish variety raised by Szczepan Marczyński, introduced in the market in summer 2012. Its flowers are always full, both on last year’s wood and on new growth, relatively large for the Atragene Group (10 – 12 cm in diameter). Bell-shaped, nodding, set on purple pedicules and pleasantly grapefruit-scented, they have 4 lanceolate, fancifully twisting and pointed sepals which are creamy-crimson on the outside and light pink on the inside. The center is filled with 15 – 16 staminodes of similar length as the sepals or shorter, lanceolate, slightly wavy and pointy. The outer staminodes are of similar colour as sepals and they get lighter towards the middle. Stamens have cream coloured anthers, filaments, pistils are also cream coloured. Flowers in May and once more - although less abundantly - in summer. It has pretty, dark green and relatively large leaves (20 cm long and 16 cm wide) which are compound – trifoliate, with leaflets of pleasant texture and serrated edges. It reaches 2-3 m height. Attaches itself to the support by means of twining leaf petioles. Frost hardy and undemanding. Prefers sunny but not hot sites and tolerates semi-shade. Particularly suitable for training along fences, garden supports, rocks, old tree stumps or over deciduous or coniferous shrubs. Useful as a groundcover.

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Clematis Misayo

An original Japanese Variety of big flowers 15-20 cm in diameter, consists of 6 to 8 blue-violet eliptic petals with broad white bar. Bloom in May and June and then less generously in August and September. Stamens consist of creamy filaments and purple anthers. Best grown in sunny sites. Ideal for growing over various supports like arbores, pergolas or shrubs. Looks particulary attractive aganist dark background.

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Clematis Kaen

A Japanese, intriguing variety of bright red, full and semi-full flowers ranging 8-14cm in diameter. Irregular sepals, wide and lanceolate, with wavy edges and pointy tips. Bright red with pink bar in the middle, lighter at the base and with green spots showing mostly on the outside whorls. Stamens have dark pink filaments and light yellow anthers. Blooms in second half of May till June and again – less generously – in August – July. Reaches 2 – 2,5m height. Attaches itself to the support by means of twining leaf petioles. Suitable for growing along fences, arbours, trellises, poles and other kinds of garden supports. It could climb over natural supports as deciduous or coniferous shrubs as well as over dwarf shrubs not requiring hard pruning. Thrives in sunny sites. Looks especially attractive displayed against dark background. Suitable for container cultivation.

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Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea'

An evergreen dwarf shrub that spreads over the ground forming a dense mat. Small, 3 cm across, deep green leaves. Stems grow about 30-80 cm annually. Attractive violet-purple flowers. It’s best grown in partial shade or shade and in moderately moist soil. Plant 10 plants per square meter. Sufficiently frost-hardy.

Price: 7,00 zł

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